Labor Day 2015

Sitting here, the television on with a football game on, and not one labor commercial to be heard.  It is only Saturday, maybe tomorrow or Monday one or two will show up.  The success of the United States economy was based on the middle class created by Labor Unions.

As we watch the U.S. economy reach full employment, full employment is now 5.1 percent, it used to be 4 percent when i first took Econ 101, macro economics with Dr. Mandelstam.  The difference is quite large, but I do not get to make the rules.  What we have not seen for most of the working people is wage pressure.  Except for one sector, Information Technology people, Big data handling people and those who know how to design the systems used to learn about your lives.

Do not feel bad if you are not in those positions.  Although I like to tell people it is all 1’s and 0’s, the important part is what to do with the one and with the zero.  It takes a lot of work to reach a level of competency that you should be paid what you are worth.  But, not many people have the ability to think logically.  Lawyers are sort of an exception, but they do not think the same way as an IT person.  Multi-lingual people tend to be, because computers use special languages to function.

But, then not all multi-language people are computer people.  So, once again, generalizations do not work.  But, computer people need an ability to function with many different computer languages.  Something that is rewarded with a higher pay scale.  Except in the federal government.

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