What Am I Looking At?

While watching Meidas Touch Network videos of the current trial involving former guy something seemed odd, at least to me.  Not really thinking about it until one of the talking attorneys was facing the camera.  What was tapping me with the hammer of “wake up it is staring you in the face”? Then I realized what it is. He is grey haired, with grey short beard, wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt.


Then I saw it. Right in front of my face, actually right on his face.  Green thick frame glasses.  Duh. Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z wear color frame glasses.  I have seen red, yellow green, blue and more colors.  Thick frames which we Boomers tried to never wear in public.

What that little revelation did was bring another layer of “our kids are no longer children” to my psychie.  My children are middle age now.  They are grey, or would be if they were not bald like their paternal great-great-uncles. Billiard ball bald.  But, it means Gen X and Millennials are in the driver seat of whatever is going on. 

Yup.  I am happy I turned the reins of my generation over to the kids. I can sit back and enjoy them dealing with the mess. But, looking good doing it.

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