With our favorite daughter — Chelsea [formerly Bradley] Manning — now heading to a male-only prison it is time to help the world with some basic transgender information. (I have heard I might know something about it.)

First, most transgender people have known they have the wrong body for their entire lives. The best research shows that the brain is correct– it is just that the body got it wrong during the fetal hormone wash. That is when we are all female and then a blast of hormones makes the final adjustments to the brain and body. Usually it works out with the brain and body matching. Sometimes it does not. Some have a female brain and a male body. Others have a male brain and a female body.

Second, if you are transgender, or some place on the rainbow of gender not matching the brain, it is a very difficult time until you find out what is going on. Fortunately, young people such as our daughter Chelsea know earlier than those who grew up in the Baby Boomer generation. The talk of the ignorant about choosing to be gay or transgender is more of them are afraid because they envy big penises and their mothers. Most, up to 80%, of grade 1 to 16 transgender students attempt suicide (European research) due to the pain of being in the wrong body and of discrimination (bullying).  About 40% are successful. Transgender people do not “attempt” suicide. They already have the attention and do not want it.

Third, transgender is gender, male or female or in between (trans 202 We are not binary male or female). Just like the rest of the world. It is the body that is mixed up, not the brain.

Fourth, transgender is gender not sexual orientation. Orientation is what turns you on. At least one transgender person I know is very lesbian. Transgender people are gay, lesbian or bi, just like the rest of the world.

Fifth, transgender people are over 100% more likely to be killed walking down the street than the rest of the population (FBI stats). And, it is usually not a nice killing.

Sixth, transgender people just want to live their lives like everybody else. However, it is difficult when there are those who want to destroy them. Slights or discrimination can be a daily event.

Seventh, male to female surgery is about $20,000, the results are usually very good. Female to male surgery is at least $50,000 and not often successful. You may know or work with a transgender person and not know it.

Eighth, most transgender people do not have surgery, the cost is very high.

Ninth, most transgender people are underemployed if not unemployed.

Tenth, transgender people do not have equal rights in most of the US and the world.

We all need to provide support for Chelsea Manning, there are a lot who want to hurt her.

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