Lamb Chops in Tomato Red Pepper Sauce

Sometimes, actually a lot, I will have something to eat (often found in freezer) and want to make it tasty.  Although I usually do lamb chops in teriyaki sauce this time I wanted something else. After rotating through the easy stuff, I came up with tomato cream sauce or mushroom cream sauce.  I really like the concept of tomato and red pepper sauce.

So that is what I am making.  Right now, I am boiling white potatoes.  I have the lamb chops getting ready for happiness. I have some tomato and red pepper soup that has been laying around for a while.  And, I have a lot of half and half and heavy cream.  I have a little sauce disk to put my spices in. So far it has a dry Italian mix, salt, pepper, powered garlic and powdered onion in the dish.  

Cooking the lamb chops is about two minutes per side and medium high temperature on your fry pan.  I will cook an onion in a little olive oil and butter, push it off to the side before adding the lamb chops. As soon as the chops are hot, I will add the spice mix in the tomato and red pepper soup, stir it well and then add a good splash of cream over it all. Stir that all together. 

Make it hot and happy, simmer a few minutes for the flavors to get together.  Plate and enjoy.  Oh, the mushy peas are on the side. The other option is to make succatash by mixing corn, red beans, tomatoes and chilies.

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