What-Me has been online since June 1994

In a way this story starts about four hundred years ago when my ancestors arrived in the Virginia and Maryland colonies from Europe, England in particular.  They settled on the Chesapeake Bay and rivers that fed it.  But, I did not know this until December of 2013.

Now to What-Me.  I lived in Colorado and was becoming quite ill and finally unable to work.  Testing stumped the doctors and researchers. June of 1994 a test came back positive for a disease which had just been identified, Hepatitis C.  What little I knew was that I was dying of it.  I made up a little website to express my feelings, What-Me is what I named it.  Yes, it is a bit of the good old “What me worry?” of Mad magazine fame.

This website has been up since then.  For most of the years between 1994 and 2000 it covered Hepatitis C and Mastocytosis information.  Then things changed in my life.  I kept the website limping along by writing it in various manners.  I moved to the Middle Atlantic area in 2010 and continued this website.

I moved to the Chesapeake Bay in 2013 and kept trying out various formats and servers.  I am settled on a Linux server now.  Way back in the 1990’s our home system was a mix of Linux, Windows and IBM OS/2.  Linux was far from a strange language and system to me.

Life on the Bay

Since I moved to the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Maryland, I have not only redeveloped my sea legs after living in Colorado for several decades, I also discovered my ancestors and family.  I live across the river where my (many) great-grandparents married in 1682.  I live about four miles from where my (many) great-grandfather remarried in 1751.  Both would have seen where I live today.  I have my mother and brother nearby. There are cousins a short ways away.  And a lot of history.

I also have boats.

So What-Me is changing once again.  The focus this time is my life on the bay, and this will be showing up here and on my YouTube channel, Buena Ventura Life.

Enjoy the recipes and drinks too!

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