What Did You Do This Week?

Oh, I rekindled a passion which I now remember why I let it bank to a single ember years ago.

I finally pulled the plug on my main website (normal people do not even own one website, let alone four (I think I only have four)) and started the pain of rebuilding it on a new platform and in new languages. That is tech talk for I had to rewrite the website.

What-ME has been online since June, 1994. Over the years it has shown protests against three presidents. Numerous idiots who somehow decided they know more about how I want to live than myself. An untold number of sanctimonious types trying to force their religion up my rear. A great deal of pain from so many people dying of Hepatitis C. information regarding all sorts of things that I wanted to give out. Each year the banned book lists was a front page feature. And, it has been a way for an old programmer to keep up on the newest trends of software and the Internet.

Somehow twenty-two years of action brings back some very vivid memories. Abortion fights. Civil rights fights; campaigns for office, mine and others. A running body count during the Bush II Afghanistan and Iraq war because mainstream media would not. American Red Cross blood drives, I do not post much about my ARC Disaster Services work, that is best done by the ARC. Pictures of my pets, even the death of a microwave, purchased in 1977 and built like a tank. It worked for about twenty years before sputtering to a cold, silent end.

The political memories are what matter today and this year. Looking back at so many presidents and congresses that could have done more and done better and they all failed in so many ways. That is what brings me to my latest version. This time my blog is the front page of What-ME. Yes, I write more than what you see here, not much these days though.

What did we learn from yesterday? I think we are seeing that the smaller clowns have started poking holes in the blustery armor of the big orange clown. It is funny that two men of Hispanic background are running in the Republican world and are stating they are as against Hispanic people as Trump.

At least it is Cruz, not Rubio. Rubio would have been the image up against HRC and she would have not come off well. HRC and Cruz on television, she will be sitting pretty (so to speak).

What is to come of America if one of the Republican clowns wins the presidency? That is the one question that causes me to lie awake at night. It is a scary scenario, one I am working to not have happen.


2 responses to “What Did You Do This Week?”

  1. Should have been paying attention to your blog. I write fairly regularly to an absolutely empty universe. It’s nice to have some company every once in a while.

    1. Hi Jamie. Not all is empty. This is the newest What-ME, similar to how Dr. Who changes every now and then, so does this website. Last version was in C# ASP.NET on a Windows server, which I wrote in 2008 (roughly). This version is in PHP C++ on a Linux server. This time I put WordPress as the home page.

      I have been writing online since 1994, in the first iteration of What-ME on AOL member pages.

      You can try using Way Back Machine to see some of the evolution of What-ME.

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