Shame On A Failed President and Congress

I never thought I would see the death of America, I grew up with the view of an exceptional America, a giant force for Democracy and human rights.  A Democracy which spread the ability to solve the problems of poverty, disease, and over population.

I did not see the failure of these United States.  I did not see racism return.  I did not see an old, senile, racist, bigot, misogynist, crazy guy become president.  Never.

You might think the Congress would prevent the desecration of the Constitution by a dictator.  No.  The Congress is complicit in the destruction of America.  They are letting a mentally unstable man destroy the economy with a trade war and by stopping the inflow of taxes to support America.

The Congress is a failed branch of the government for allowing the filling of concentration camps, or internment camps, or gulags or reeducation camps.  Take your pick.  The man who wants to be Hitler or Stalin, is filling those despicable jails with people seeking asylum within the shell of what used to be the most important country in history.

#Resist can only carry us so far.  We must take back the Congress with this next election, otherwise there will be no more elections as the current Congress works to shred the Constitution.

At His Best, Man is the Noblest of Animals

separated from law and justice he is the worst.  Aristotle

Although I have been absent here, I have been busy elsewhere.  Life is good, and after reviewing everything FB has to share on me i am good to use it to communicate with those who use it to communicate to the world.

Some days are better than most.  Some days are what I do best, American Red Cross Disaster Services Disability Integration Regional Program Lead is my new world.  Being disabled (although I usually forget I am) allows me to understand what to do.  This position in the ARC is very important.

When a disaster strikes, and we know one will hit somewhere anytime all the time, we are there. We can have flood areas in Maryland and a forest fire in Colorado which brings the ARC to action.  Providing food and water to first responders; Providing cleanup kits and bleach to those working to make their homes safe again, we do what we can do where we can go.  And, there are the house or apartment fires we go to.  Life can be busy.

Whatever the disaster, ARC is there and I go to ensure those who need something are taken care of.

Goodbye Facebook

The time has come to say goodbye to an online standard, Facebook.  Considering how little I use it, primarily to see what a handful of people are up to, it is no longer part of my online world.  I hope the few people who communicated with me on it have my email address if they want to contact me. I deactivated my account March 19, 2018.

Brown Cloud

In Denver it is the pollution cloud. For all of us it is the massive and total B.S. spewed out by the illegal president. Much of it is just deflection, tossing everything out that might get a rise out of any cohort, but primarily women, people of any color, Dems, progressives and the media.

The stuff is just to get the fog thick and heavy so we do not see or even think about the massive destruction of America that is occurring. And, we do not realize what a criminal we have as the Russian agent in the WH.

A current example, as of this hour, is “arm the teachers”. What a load of B.S. It will never happen, for many reasons, but it will not happen. That aside many hours are being spent on the analysis of the issue and not much at all about what last weeks Mueller actions mean for SFB. Many interviews of former Marines who are now teaching and why they do not want to see teachers carrying weapons.

There is so much stuff thrown up to the wind every minute that we fail to grasp the significance of the crimes. The vote loser in the WH may not understand what his handlers are doing, but he does go with it because it fits his style, bluster and lie to get the deal.

But, almost nothing will be done. This sh*t storm is not for policy. It is to cover up the crimes happening in the WH and administration. Try to remember what the brown cloud was on December 31, 2017. Or even February 13,2018.

Interview with Cat

Character interview:
Cat which moved in with PJ
Q: What is your Name?
A: I do not have a formal name, or any nick names. PJ calls me
Cat, most of the time.
Q: Would you like a name?
A: I need to think about that. A name gives an aura of power in
a story, I tend to think of myself as a background character. Although
a name would be nice just in case PJ needs to refer to me when she
is out of the house. For now, Cat is a very good name.
Q: Where do you come from?
A: A very good question. I originally was a member of a six kitten
litter in the corner of a barn over in Columbia. But Mom
shooed us out when I was a wee kitten. I hitched a ride with a
furniture mover to Silver Springs, then down to Takoma Park, a short
hop on the Metro during rush hour, a run along Q Street NW, and I
found myself living in the murderer’s garage. I was just over a year
old and learning things about humans which scared me more than if
I was in a shelter. Once I learned what Peri was doing to fight
the Commies I decided to move in with her. So I waited for her
to leave the door open and I moved in. She does have a nice place.
Q: What do you do to help Peri?
A: Being a cat there is very little I can do. I try to stay out of her way, no use tripping her. Otherwise, I make the house look nicer. When she is out of the house I like to guard the house, you know keep the damned. Commies out of here.

Interview – Cat Page 2
Q: Are there other ways you help her?
A: Oh. Do you mean the physical things in case one of the bad guys
gets in here?
Q: Yes.
A: Well. You should have asked that. I do not like humans, you
included. I did not include that in my bio, you did read my bio? That my
thirty-ninth great-grandfather was a palace guard. That was not by m1stake.
It was on purpose. How would you like to forewarn your enemies that you
will scratch their eyes out and the is literally take their
eyeballs out. That does not do. Do not let your enemies knew your true
firepower. I have so much more I can do to, but I will not talk about it anymore.
Q: Okay. What do you eat?
A: I am very selective in what I eat. First is nothing that a human will eat, or at least nothing my human eats. I have tried feeding
her perfectly good mice, and rats but she runs away with them and
they go. away in the big water bowl.
Q: Besides keeping Peri company what else do you do?
A: I do not keep that person company. At best she is allowed to
be around me.
Q: Okay. I am sorry.
Q: So. you help Peri in any of her fight against the Soviets?
A: Of course. She is able to leave here completely comfortable
knowing that no Commie will survive attacking her home.
Q: Do you have any plans on moving to a new home?
A: Good gawd no! This is one choice assignment. Three squares
a good bed and a very nice CO … No this is a good place to stay.

O, what a fall was there, my countrymen!

Then I, and you, and all of us fell down,
Whilst bloody treason flourish’d over us

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Act II Scene III – William Shakespeare

Although the beginning works to attack and destroy drumpf have been designed, it will not be by those who wish him ill that he falls.  He will by his own actions and words be taken down.  A man so mentally frail as to lash out in a manner of a petulant three year old will always be looked down on in an adult world.

I am afraid that our country will be rent apart prior to his removal from office.  When republicans (they do not deserve the respect of a capitol letter) scrap their own love of country and respect for the law to stand behind and uplift the man we can be afraid of them too.  They will follow him to the edge of a deep crevasse from which they either see the truth or they blind themselves in idolatry and plunge America to it’s death.

Can the Democrats rally enough support to end this folly of idiocy any time before it reaches a terrible destructive climax?  I keep my faith in a handful of Republicans willing to risk ire of the child to save America from his tantrums.  These men and women are true to their beliefs and to a strong country of these United States.  Their actions are imperative to stopping a blunder, to stopping a wrong, to stopping a child who needs to be bundled in a blanket and a pacifier shoved in his mouth.

Will the Republicans and Democrats succeed?  They must otherwise serious harm will be done to a once great country.

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