St. Paddy’s Day 2024

My contribution to the world this afternoon was is quite fragrant. 

Senior citizen claim- I cooked some yummy pigs feet and put the slow cooker bowl out of the way to cool.  I enjoyed a couple of the tasty piggy things and settled down to watch YouTube videos. 

Today I was curious as to why I had left the slow cooker bowl out.  Oops. I slow cooked the piggy feet a month ago.  Let us not try to imagine the look. 

So I took the bowl, it has been covered since I made the dish, outside to the front bushes. I brought garbage bags; gloved up; paper towels for just in case.  I put the first bag over the bowl and turned it. 

The bowl overwhelmed the bag and everything fell on the ground.  At least it soaked it up. There were piggy foot bones and all the attachments. A good quart of cooking liquid, fats, and the stuff that grew on top when it spent weeks having fun.  I scooped up and picked up and grabbed what I could. 

Right now I expect a gaze of raccoons to put up traffic signs and a parking lot. The foxes are going to dig up a new garden for me.   The air is still and I can still smell how good a meal I made.  I need a shower, maybe two.

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