Oh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal flux?

I know: Back to the Future. It’s like Back to the Future

Dr. Who 10th Doctor (David Tenant)

I think we have time travelers in our midst. While digging through some folders in my file cabinet, many very old and untouched for years, I came across this sheet of what feels like plastic wrap. On it is something like a printout, which is this strange report. I would not have believed it except how would anyone in 1968 think anyone with a name like Trump could be the leader of the United States. The routing information seems to indicate this went to an agency with a name of National Transform Time Agency (NTTA).   Why it is in my file for LGBT Lesbian Party Invitations 1999 is hard to fathom. I am now wondering about the nice woman who just sailed into the marina.

Washington D.C. National Transform Time Agency, Beltsville, MD

July 4, 1968

Re: visit to July 4, 2018


As Supreme Dictator and Know It All, Trump has allowed only white males who have pledged their right and left testicals (colloquially known as a “balls”) to his dinner table. Although this will render the men sterile, they have acknowledged a predilection towards being worthless anyway. Women are not invited to this event as The Donald has dictated no cu**s in his world (which tends to make him seem a little strange).

For the Supreme Dictator if you want something to happen, gold makes it happen. Except gold which has been in any location where Spanish is spoken. Los Angeles of course. Anywhere in Texas.  Most of the suburbs of Atlanta. Pretty much most of the United States outside of North Dakota. Okay, you need old gold and not the cigarettes. Preferably very old gold which was not in the U.S. before the country became the Protectorate of The Donald.

Due to having a problem with the old Constitution, The Donald changed it to name him as Supreme Leader of the United State of Freedomia and he would write the new version as he wanted sometime in the future. Such a bold move was met by voters saying they were tired of politicians being political and compromisers. They wanted someone who would stand up to compromisers. Now with The Donald in charge they do not have to worry about compromising. As Supreme Dictator he will now let you live your miserable life in pain and want. Congratulations, you voted for your hell.

Without having to deal with old weaklings, after challenging Roberts to a duel to the death with hair coloring, he now owned the Supreme Court. He decided that as Supreme Dictator there was no need for a court of any kind. He would decide if you were a good enough white male or to be exported because you are not. He tells you what you need to know, and that makes it alright with his supporters. There are no known non-supporters left. But there are a lot of non-white people making bricks in the area south of Texas and California. A big wall project is underway.

For some reason the Supreme Dictator forgot to close the northern border which has become an outbound highway full of non-supporters. Most other countries of the world have agreed to take in these refugees. All the good spots in the Caribbean are filled as are South America, Central America, Cuba, Mexico and Australia.

This phase of the testing is complete. The next phase is being prepared and should commence once I have my brain reconfigured to human thought. Listening to those weird people made me upset.

OBTW: The National LGBT headquarters has successfully located to the Virgin Islands. Party Hearty. I met with my counterpart at NTTA and we had a great time she is looking forward to coming to the office sometime with me.


“There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, ‘Do trousers matter?’”

“The mood will pass, sir.”
P.G. Wodehouse, The Code of the Woosters

Although the thought had been nascent for several years, it once again arises – Obama really is a Blue Dog Dem. Those early years of giving the cookie jar and a few muffins to the Republicans for budget and other lesser things were taken that he was very naïve and trying to compromise, it is now apparent that was incorrect. When every year he gave the Republicans the piggy bank and a few extra cupcakes to pass something or other, it seemed he was trying to compromise.

But,nay. He really has been running the White House on the edge of Republican left or center right of the Democratic platform.

To even float a Republican for Supreme Court is beyond comprehension of this Democrat. It is beyond any scify scribblings I could come up with. The Republicans have treated him like a door mat. They have treated him as they would scum on a pond. The Republicans do not like him, or anything about him.

And, yet he is still trying to play nice with the as*(&les.   He has the opportunity to finally turn the Supremes towards Americans and away from corporations. But, he comes up with a Republican. He can finally turn the Supremes to the left of right. His answer to the question of who should be on the bench is a Republican.

One hundred million Dems or Near Dems in fifty states, a district and many territories and protectorates. And, he could not find one Democrat qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice?

His true colors are now revealed.

Fifty very nasty swear word sentences removed.

He could not find a Democrat; he could not find a liberal or progressive in our country. He had to go with a Republican. Horse apple


You look at a star for two reasons, because it is luminous, and because it is impenetrable.

You have beside you a sweeter radiance and a greater mystery, woman.”
Author: Victor Hugo

When you look at the governor of South Carolina your memory causes a moment of ugliness caused by past governors. Then you finally see the woman who is leading the Republicans first and her state second. Nobody really cares who she endorsed for the primary. They care who she will take on next.

A few weeks ago, or was it years ago, another woman filled the Republicans eyes with hopes and for many, dreams. That was until she opened her mouth. Why they keep her around is a mystery to many of us, perhaps for their dreams and not for her politics? I have no remembrance of why she reappeared, it may have had something to do with Donald, it may have been part of a television appearance contract everybody thought she had forgotten. One thing for sure she has been returned from whence she came and fast.

The big question I have had since Haley was elected is what is her future? She can talk, and not spill knowledge which has no use in this universe. She is an excellent politician, getting one of the most restrictive voting rights acts completed shows that. She is a very photogenic person, and politics for women is based on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover competition.

I do know that she is the perfect Republican candidate for 2020. She will be forty-eight, still a far right conservative Republican and someone who is not any of the clown car occupants. To me she is what HRC would have been in the nineties for the Democrats. Except that was a different era and we are living today.

This is why I am a Clinton supporter. She has lived these years. She has the knowledge of how the world works and how to make it work for America. Teddy Roosevelt took on many powers one hundred twenty years ago. His reforms are what changed the United States. He and his cousin, Franklin, were as much a part of the Eastern system as any man elected to be president. They were able to “Make America Great”; forget the “Again” bs, America is still great, even though hobbled by a do nothing Congress.

Nikki Haley is why I am very concerned that the Dems have no bench. It is why this year is a must win for the Dems. It gives a couple years to find the bench and then start filling it. O’Malley taking her on in 2020, might be possible. But, we need someone with more kick. A bit of the Bern is needed in the persona. Politics may be about winning the current election more than looking to next week or year. From my little spot on the Bay, we Dems have serious problems in the near future.


In The Fall The War Was Still There

but we did not go to it anymore

— Hemingway, Men Without Women (1927)

Some days have a touch of fun, a splash of strange and a dash of nuts. Today is one of those days. Although the work day, I worked at home today, was long and typical, typical in that I achieved no goals which were well planned yesterday, it was the final teleconference call which set the finale. You would think that one hundred people who are on a call every day from two pm to three pm might take to heart the message “mute your phone”, you would think wrong. Today was worse.

On the daily calls is a person who is adamant about muting phones. Today was different. She held several other telephone calls while on the daily call, conversing in a language that all though common, was not English. For some reason she was not listening to the daily call. Others were doing their voice mail, and with a phone on hold music is played, we were treated to Kenny G. The daily call ended early.

After finishing my day I smashed the lid of the laptop computer closed and looked about at my room. I had placed my A/V on mute so I could be on the phone, doing so I had forgotten about it. You cannot multitask no matter how many times you were told you could. After shutting down the computer, I run a media computer for the main television, several other inputs, my mind told my legs “move quickly and hit the head”. When I was twenty, that was easy. Now it takes time, and I tend to be a little easy to distract when walking ten feet. At least I remembered my goal before any splash took place.

A few minutes later I was outside planting a few tulip bulbs which had hidden from me last year in a box holding diesel timing tools. It was fun, and a wonderful way to spend thirty minutes outside in the crisp February air. Little did I know, see multitasking above, the mail carrier had come by while I was on the phone. Hmm, now that I think about it, I had the noise reduction ear buds in my ears so I could not hear anything except the phone call.

On sitting down with my new book, fresh out of the mailbox, I could not be more ready for the touch of fun. Philip Greene’s To Have and Have Another. Hemingway’s drink recipes! Reading a few pages I happened to glance up and see a most disgusting image – a fat, little person, covered in body paint and wearing a loin cloth wiggling on the television to some dance music. That has been the weirdest thing I have seen since clips of the clowns on the morning show at seven this morning.

The constant beat of the Republican war drums is stupid. They need to take a trip to the war that never ends in Afghanistan. They want blood, they should go see it, feel it and smell it. They want bombs, they should go sit around in a bomb run. They want the U.S. to fight, they should clean and oil their M-16’s and lead us in. I will not say Obama is right in his policy, however, we may never have the right policy anymore. I do know the Republicans will never have a chance of the best policy because they are not capable of designing it.

One of the best movies for teens is To Kill A Mockingbird. The movie puts some thoughts into fertile brains. Less fertile brains do not understand. It was a shame that Harper Lee burned out on that one book. I will assume that all you have written something for class, perhaps for your work or volunteer activity. You may have struggled with the “write a one hundred word summary of your work” on the job. I will not assume more than a handful of you have written a ninety thousand word book. Most of us find it rather difficult. I know writers who can knock out that many words for a political book, but not a novel unless they spent a year planning it. For Harper Lee and her writings, I hold my glass high.

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“We Must Leave This Terrifying Place Tomorrow

and go searching for sunshine.”
— F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Blue Bronc

This last election was partly a confidence vote on our professor and his tenure, graded on a pass fail, was not on the pass side. We need a leader who is out front, engaging the world, charming all, and willing to take on the dragons that confront our way of life.

Depending on your age you will have memories of certain strong presidents along with memories of other leaders. My mother has fond memories of FDR and JFK. Mine are JFK and LBJ, that is until the Vietnam war became a war. For all their flaws, these were power presidents.

The next batch of presidents will be what Gen X, Gen Y or Millennials have as American leaders. The flaws are immense and debilitating.

Nixon, Ford, Carter (nice guy with the power of a mouse fart), Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama. None of them had initials like FDR or TR. A couple had immense power, but it was used in ways that did not make life better for Americans.

What I want my leader, my president to be is an FDR who takes on the corporate powers; an FDR to make the social network of America strong and helpful; a JFK to spark youth and desire to achieve; an LBJ to put the Congress back into running America instead of making it a weak clumping of neo-tribal units.

Where do I find these leaders? Those all achieved their levels in spite of and because of, backroom deals, power hungry backers and the vagaries of elections. That means in this modern, and very open world, another leader can emerge from the morass that is the current swamp of politics.


I Like To Have A Martini

Two at the very most.
After three I am under the table,
after four I am under the host.
— Dorothy Parker

How do we survive this turbulent period? Obviously many are supporting breweries, wineries and distilleries. In Colorado we can be sure they know the local pot shop and keep a supply of Boones Farm Apple in the cellar.

But, suppose loyal Democrats want to do more. At this time, those wishing for the old politicians to act are probably needing a palliative. Except for O’Malley, the current Democratic bench would be 70 years old or older if elected in 2016 and sworn in in January, 2017. Geriatric is a description that is more than about age.

Will HRC run? At this point I do not care. I want to see the rest of the crowd. A beauty pageant is what we used to call them, but that is old fashioned. Is this important? Yes. It is my era, the same era that HRC, Warren, Biden, Webb are from. I am from the 1950’s. I am from the 1960’s. I am from the 1970’s. I am from the 1980’s. This is what raises concern in my thoughts.

The voters who matter, the voters needed to fill the polls and be volunteers in 2016, will mostly be in their 70’s or 60’s or 20’s. Those old enough for Social Security are not who we need to convince. They will vote D, as they have much of their lives. We need those in their 20’s to volunteer and vote.

This last week, actually today, I made a comment about 1978 to a co-worker. Carter was warring against the use of energy and we were still okay in Iran with the Shah. My co-worker made a comment that is critical to 2016: “I wasn’t even born then.” That is critical to understanding what kind of problem we have. He is all for experience that comes with age. But, when you start promoting and running a grandmother for president, you need to understand his concerns.

The Republicans have been knocked up side the head enough to understand their problems, and they have very serious problems. But, none severe enough to prevent finding a candidate a decade younger than the presumptive Democratic candidates. That ten to fifteen years difference can be important, especially if there is any sign of aging. Missed words, skipped words, misuse of words, vague statements with wrong words and you can forget winning this one. Granny, show me the Lindy Hop, please.

The Dems in their 50’s are who I would like to see.  Hopefully, a few will start peeking around the corner.


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