You look at a star for two reasons, because it is luminous, and because it is impenetrable.

You have beside you a sweeter radiance and a greater mystery, woman.”
Author: Victor Hugo

When you look at the governor of South Carolina your memory causes a moment of ugliness caused by past governors. Then you finally see the woman who is leading the Republicans first and her state second. Nobody really cares who she endorsed for the primary. They care who she will take on next.

A few weeks ago, or was it years ago, another woman filled the Republicans eyes with hopes and for many, dreams. That was until she opened her mouth. Why they keep her around is a mystery to many of us, perhaps for their dreams and not for her politics? I have no remembrance of why she reappeared, it may have had something to do with Donald, it may have been part of a television appearance contract everybody thought she had forgotten. One thing for sure she has been returned from whence she came and fast.

The big question I have had since Haley was elected is what is her future? She can talk, and not spill knowledge which has no use in this universe. She is an excellent politician, getting one of the most restrictive voting rights acts completed shows that. She is a very photogenic person, and politics for women is based on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover competition.

I do know that she is the perfect Republican candidate for 2020. She will be forty-eight, still a far right conservative Republican and someone who is not any of the clown car occupants. To me she is what HRC would have been in the nineties for the Democrats. Except that was a different era and we are living today.

This is why I am a Clinton supporter. She has lived these years. She has the knowledge of how the world works and how to make it work for America. Teddy Roosevelt took on many powers one hundred twenty years ago. His reforms are what changed the United States. He and his cousin, Franklin, were as much a part of the Eastern system as any man elected to be president. They were able to “Make America Great”; forget the “Again” bs, America is still great, even though hobbled by a do nothing Congress.

Nikki Haley is why I am very concerned that the Dems have no bench. It is why this year is a must win for the Dems. It gives a couple years to find the bench and then start filling it. O’Malley taking her on in 2020, might be possible. But, we need someone with more kick. A bit of the Bern is needed in the persona. Politics may be about winning the current election more than looking to next week or year. From my little spot on the Bay, we Dems have serious problems in the near future.


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