“We Must Leave This Terrifying Place Tomorrow

and go searching for sunshine.”
— F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Blue Bronc

This last election was partly a confidence vote on our professor and his tenure, graded on a pass fail, was not on the pass side. We need a leader who is out front, engaging the world, charming all, and willing to take on the dragons that confront our way of life.

Depending on your age you will have memories of certain strong presidents along with memories of other leaders. My mother has fond memories of FDR and JFK. Mine are JFK and LBJ, that is until the Vietnam war became a war. For all their flaws, these were power presidents.

The next batch of presidents will be what Gen X, Gen Y or Millennials have as American leaders. The flaws are immense and debilitating.

Nixon, Ford, Carter (nice guy with the power of a mouse fart), Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama. None of them had initials like FDR or TR. A couple had immense power, but it was used in ways that did not make life better for Americans.

What I want my leader, my president to be is an FDR who takes on the corporate powers; an FDR to make the social network of America strong and helpful; a JFK to spark youth and desire to achieve; an LBJ to put the Congress back into running America instead of making it a weak clumping of neo-tribal units.

Where do I find these leaders? Those all achieved their levels in spite of and because of, backroom deals, power hungry backers and the vagaries of elections. That means in this modern, and very open world, another leader can emerge from the morass that is the current swamp of politics.


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