Friday and the Livin’ is Easy

The constant bleed of NSA and Syria, with death in Afghanistan on page 2, what does the average American think is going on in the world? Or should it be something like has the faucet flow of heavy water drowned America? I watched the Broncos beat up the Ravens last night and into this morning. […]

I dare say the men would fight very well if properly officered, although they are an exceedingly dirty and nasty people

– General George Washington 1776 I am still having a problem with a strange Republican way of thinking. Their world is all about fear and hate — that has been well established during these terrible years. Fear efficient light bulbs, hate specific phrases or terms, such as “climate change.” Fear non-lily white skin tones, hate […]

Insisting on absolute safety is for people who

— Mary Shafer, NASA (1989) [avatar user=”blue bronc” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Blue Bronc[/avatar]Well. After a couple years of vapid nothings we are in the countdown to a launch.  Not just any launch, but a full-fledged billion dollar explosion of power dollars launch. Am I surprised at the multi-day warning to this announcement?  No.  In fact I am […]

Look at the world as a big fruitcake

(Old saying) The world has stumbled and shuffled through all sorts of “interesting times” these past couple of months. It is hard to believe that only a small number of days ago Baltimore was in flames and winter refused to leave us. Now, it is summer, which has promised to disappear midweek. Which reminds me […]