Benghazi – the Movie

I now remember why I love Colorado.  Sure there may be a three foot blizzard with twenty foot deep drifts.  It might be twenty below zero and the wind howling above one hundred miles per hour.  But, when it quiets down, all is peaceful and quiet. The air is so clear, you can see one hundred miles. The night stars are so bright and shiny; the cold popping out ice crystals which shimmer and gleam in the moonlight as they float in the sharp air.

Right now I am looking at a destroyed canopy, broken and filled with snow, blocking my path to the wood pile.  The snow looking like soggy white blankets covering and smothering all that is nature and man made in the backyard.  Out front, the American flag is wrapped on its pole, choked in white, twisted in agony from its struggle to stay flying in the winter hell.

There is only one good thing in the air, more Hillary and emails, and the magic word has appeared to save her from the Republican onslaught – Benghazi.  Oh the name evokes such visceral emotions (on one side of the aisle only).  Such a name.  Poor Benghazi, it has been placed into Republican infamy.  America has Pearl Harbor and 9-11.  Republicans have Benghazi.

As soon as I saw that the Republicans went to the Benghazi attack, I knew HRC was on the mend.  It is like the fool who has one hand on the bird, but hears another in the bush.  The fool lets the one in hand fly away and can’t grab the one in the bush due to a shield of Benghazi wrapping her delicate feathers in steel.

Benghazi, a wonderful script, written without understanding how stupid it makes the screamer.  When will the deaf hear the screams of “you are an idiot”?  How will they ever see the script ends with our heroine standing on the worms of the losers.  Are they zombies, stuck on one thought?  Oh, but for Benghazi, our ‘not a candidate’ candidate would be lost, leaving us with men to contemplate for the power seat.

Give me a home where the Benghazi roam.  Nah, too weighted with irony.

Imagine 80 year old Saint Ronnie, on the top of the Jefferson Memorial, over looking the Potomac, in his loin cloth, feet planted well. with one near the edge of the dome.  His arms rising slowly while his unwashed followers (okay maybe they wash in the shower too much) stare intently, waiting for the signal.  Reagan carefully makes a megaphone of his hands around his mouth.  His eyes dull from just awakening from his morning nap.  Desperate for the sound, his followers breathe slowly.  Then you hear it.  “BENGHAZIIIIIII” A roar erupts and shakes the Mall as those believers stamp their spears and shout back “HILLARY”.

Eh, It makes great visuals.

Brevity is the Soul of Lingerie

— Dorothy Parker

While sitting watching the dreary Beltway weather forecast something popped into my head. What are the political implications of a Vanity Fair cover? Specifically that of a Republican woman? A woman who had previously changed her name, and not because she married?

Oh my have I heard crickets from the very people who would have been all over the airways if Big Dog had done anything like that. The explosion in Congress never occurred. Or at least is delayed. The RNC has gone missing.

The main political blast or rather, question, is from the Washington Post, “” That is a very good question. One I think will be answered once the Republicans show up with hat in hand trying to fund their campaigns for president.

Jenner, under the Bruce nom de plume (I understand what it means to live a under a name not of your preference), was a solid supporter of the party whose members consider her “confused” if not crazy or “sick and delusional” (no links, I viewed them so you do not have to). His millions, and gold Olympic medals, were well known.

Now? The self-declared Big Tent party will have a chance to show what they really are. Craven, “give me the money (but do not touch me)” or stick with the red meat crowd, “I will not accept anything from the freak.” Will a few photo ops with Caitlyn help the Republican candidates?

I do think there will be Republican candidates sneaking in the door of the mansion to ask for money. Maybe a sit down across the coffee table pics. Perhaps a handshake shot. All of which to show how moderate, if not sort of accepting, he is.

Will Jenner see the error of her ways and become a Democrat? I do not know. I do know Log Cabin Republicans and their false hopes of changing a party that still wants to return to 1840 — and Caitlyn will not fit in with them.

The acceptance of Caitlyn will be Republican generational. The cohort which is fine with gay marriage will be fine with her. The rest of them are holding their tongues, quite unusual to say the least.

I do hope she tells the RNC to go find another money fountain.

Friday and the Livin’ is Easy

The constant bleed of NSA and Syria, with death in Afghanistan on page 2, what does the average American think is going on in the world? Or should it be something like has the faucet flow of heavy water drowned America?

I watched the Broncos beat up the Ravens last night and into this morning. That sea of orange looks like it has for many decades. Although the thunder of the new Mile High stadium is not like the old Mile High stadium it is still nice to hear. Baseball games were played, some to find a wildcard, the others to find the end of the season.

I glanced through the comments of the . Somehow the answers being sought by the Congress are right here, including which way to vote. The answers and reasons are sorting out to mean that more of America is done with war and bleeding of blood and money. There is a strong feeling for the refugees, but lessening of good towards the rebels. Assad should probably be careful about putting on a night light, or even calling home to say where he is staying for the night.

Whatever happened to Obama and the G20? For some reason I could not and would not bother to read the reports, tweets and blogs. It bothers me to sit on the sidelines, ill informed, and not wishing to be any better informed. Did it do me any good to sit in front of the television when our most famed general went to the United Nations to plead the case of breaking the no-fly zone and make it into a killing zone? I could not and would not listen to anything the village idiot spewed, so I relied on others who were presented as the “adults” in the White House. No. They were not adults, they were complicit and disgusting in their actions.

This afternoon is when we need to be carefully watching and listening the media of all types. Fridays are dump days and with all that is going on in the Middle East it may be time to be careful; sniffing and watching for that scent of war. Will it happen today? Or will it be the Congress who presents a package from the military-industrial complex to Obama and the Pentagon?

I do not hold my breath for a good result. Too much is at stake with the talk of war. Do we have any intestinal fortitude left to enter the quagmire of the Middle East from a different door this era? The country borders are of less importance, once again, than the family tree of the combatants. American might is always aimed at a border, when borders are not important. Time to end this war, whichever phase it is in at the moment and return home. Home to repair our severely damaged warriors and citizens.

I dare say the men would fight very well if properly officered, although they are an exceedingly dirty and nasty people

– General George Washington 1776

I am still having a problem with a strange Republican way of thinking. Their world is all about fear and hate — that has been well established during these terrible years. Fear efficient light bulbs, hate specific phrases or terms, such as “climate change.” Fear non-lily white skin tones, hate peace and love. I think you get the idea.

The most difficult combination of fear and hate going on now is mashed together with the love of a dictator, many dictators in real life, but one in particular. Fear Cuba, hate Obama and love the Ayatollah of Iran.

There is no other way to think of why they are so intent on destroying the on-going talks aimed at creating a 21 century country out of one that is a mix of middle ages and 20 century religion and politics.

Preventing another nuclear powered military, think India or Pakistan, is a wonderful goal. Putin aside, Iran could be a stabilizing force in the Middle East, without the bomb. But these nincompoops have such an overwhelming hatred of a black man in the White House that they dare to destroy any attempt to stabilize or neutralize a country desiring nuclear weapons. It’s pure insanity.

The greater question is to what degree they dare take America before we as a country shatter or these fools are either booted out of office or jailed for traitorous actions? That they continue the path of attempting to aid the “bomb, bomb, bomb Israel” faction within Iran, or other countries attempting to own at least one nuclear weapon, dirty ones included, places them clearly on the outside of humanity. But they do march on the path of hatred for Obama and drag themselves into the fire for it.

Such hatred does foment, leaving a boil on the face of America, and our country the shame of civilization. Oh, they need not fear any action right now. In fact they are heralded in their small minded districts, a shame on them. But, will they be attacked

Insisting on absolute safety is for people who

— Mary Shafer, NASA (1989)

[avatar user=”blue bronc” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Blue Bronc[/avatar]Well. After a couple years of vapid nothings we are in the countdown to a launch.  Not just any launch, but a full-fledged billion dollar explosion of power dollars launch.

Am I surprised at the multi-day warning to this announcement?  No.  In fact I am concerned that this is going to be like what we used to call vapor-ware.  A lot of promise of delivery and in the end the product has as much substance as a puff of cloud.

HRC has all by the short hairs and is ready to smash away with a mallet when she announces. The backwater talk keeps up with many references to Bill, Lewinsky, Benghazi (the never ending Republican search that nobody else cares about), New York, Arkansas, D.C., dancing with the real people, haircuts, pant suits, passing out and hubris excelsior. So far the Republicans are not chipping the voters away.

Can she produce a campaign that does keep the Republican clown car occupants destroying the Republican brand?  Sure.  A camel dressed in a serape can do that.  Can she help down ballot?  That is the big question.  One that she needs to address if she wants to run our country with a friendly Congress.

There are many other concerns I have about America, and I hope they are addressed during the next year and a half, addressed in a way that show how wrong it is to elect Republicans. I don’t expect to elect HRC based on those.  I do want her elected because she might turn out to be a good president.

Look at the world as a big fruitcake

(Old saying)

The world has stumbled and shuffled through all sorts of “interesting times” these past couple of months. It is hard to believe that only a small number of days ago Baltimore was in flames and winter refused to leave us. Now, it is summer, which has promised to disappear midweek. Which reminds me of “life goes on”.

Politics is the world I enjoy, it is always filled with characters and creatures; many right out of , or was that ? My time in politics showed me that ninty percent of all politicians are hard working people who spend many hours each day trying to make their districts better and America better.

What I also learned was there are those who had only themselves and a select money group in mind. They are the dangerous ones.

I am all giddy, although mid-day Sunday is normally not a giddy period, with happiness that the clown bus is getting a lot of attention. Say, you heard about that horse race? You mean between Rick (don’t google me) Santorum and Ted (don’t call me crusin’) Cruz? Not that one. The one where that Egyptian King won, in the snow and tornado, in suburban D.C.

The Republican leadership is concerned about all the clowns climbing on the clown bus. They are really concerned that it will topple over and crush all hopes of taking the White House in 2016. Plus, they are buying cases of adult diapers because the top heavy fruitcake special is starting to affect down ballot. Not that the Republicans in state houses and school boards have not made a mess in their own hideouts.

We have seventeen months more to go. Will the supply of popcorn hold up to the demand? What about the scorecards? We have to have one just to know who is running, who is not running and who is said to be running even after saying they are not running.  And those select few who are said not to be running and they are not running.

A SWAG of the potential Republican lineup looks like as many as twenty-six are ready to redecorate the Oval Office. Not that they would have a chance of getting through the gate otherwise.  As is pointed out by reporters going by the false equivalency book, the Democrats are doing it two — that is, two people other than HRC.

The Brits showed us how the conservatives can win. First they have to be center right Democrats. That’s a knee slapper by golly. Those guys are so far right they need to use an arrow on a stick to point to right of center from off the picture.

Summer is starting and it is time to watch the show from the air-conditioned peanut gallery. A place safe from the spittle of flying lips, all trying to be more out of touch with reality than the others on that bus. I dare think it will be a boring summer because they are more alike than not. Maybe I will take up something for the summer that does not involve fruits and nuts.