Friday and the Livin’ is Easy

The constant bleed of NSA and Syria, with death in Afghanistan on page 2, what does the average American think is going on in the world? Or should it be something like has the faucet flow of heavy water drowned America?

I watched the Broncos beat up the Ravens last night and into this morning. That sea of orange looks like it has for many decades. Although the thunder of the new Mile High stadium is not like the old Mile High stadium it is still nice to hear. Baseball games were played, some to find a wildcard, the others to find the end of the season.

I glanced through the comments of the . Somehow the answers being sought by the Congress are right here, including which way to vote. The answers and reasons are sorting out to mean that more of America is done with war and bleeding of blood and money. There is a strong feeling for the refugees, but lessening of good towards the rebels. Assad should probably be careful about putting on a night light, or even calling home to say where he is staying for the night.

Whatever happened to Obama and the G20? For some reason I could not and would not bother to read the reports, tweets and blogs. It bothers me to sit on the sidelines, ill informed, and not wishing to be any better informed. Did it do me any good to sit in front of the television when our most famed general went to the United Nations to plead the case of breaking the no-fly zone and make it into a killing zone? I could not and would not listen to anything the village idiot spewed, so I relied on others who were presented as the “adults” in the White House. No. They were not adults, they were complicit and disgusting in their actions.

This afternoon is when we need to be carefully watching and listening the media of all types. Fridays are dump days and with all that is going on in the Middle East it may be time to be careful; sniffing and watching for that scent of war. Will it happen today? Or will it be the Congress who presents a package from the military-industrial complex to Obama and the Pentagon?

I do not hold my breath for a good result. Too much is at stake with the talk of war. Do we have any intestinal fortitude left to enter the quagmire of the Middle East from a different door this era? The country borders are of less importance, once again, than the family tree of the combatants. American might is always aimed at a border, when borders are not important. Time to end this war, whichever phase it is in at the moment and return home. Home to repair our severely damaged warriors and citizens.

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