Eagle Cam

Some of the most important uses of technology is to allow us to see that which we have never seen before.  Right now I am watching Eagle Cam of the Bald Eagle pair, First Lady and Mr. President, with their new hatchlings.  The eggs broken from the inside by the little ones, with an occasionally help from Mom, this week on Eagle Cam living television.

The cameras are now small enough and the transmitters strong enough to be with the nest and not bother the eagles.  This is technology in use for all of us.

Where I live is one pair of Bald Eagles, they were looking for a new nest site during the last couple of years, but have, for one reason or another, found our little peninsula lacking.  We have numerous hawks and a Brown Eagle pair nearby.  The Bald Eagles do soar around us on their missions to restock the larder, but that is all.  I do bring in my cats so they do not become an appetizer.

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