Is The Pope Catholic?

  So this is how the worm turns.  A Jewish Socialist goes to Rome to visit a Catholic Pope.  Just the sentence sets off days of late night jokes.  And that is nothing to what is happening in politics. “What the hell is he doing?  No Jewish politician will ever meet a pope!”  Overheard outside […]

Those Who Are Too Smart To Engage In Politics

Are governed by those who are dumber.  Plato What a feeling I awaken with this morn.  Friday evening was the Anne Arundel County Central Committee annual dinner.  A meeting of the most political of political people in politics.  People who are the unseen forces behind the every Democratic Party Member running for any office.  The […]

Osprey Cam

So, you cannot get enough of the Bald Eagle cam?  Add in the Osprey Cam.  This one is showing a wonderful Osprey couple and right now they are building a nest.  Best thing is they are out in the Chesapeake Bay waters.  You get to see water instead of swaying trees.  Sea sickness either way […]

Eagle Cam

Some of the most important uses of technology is to allow us to see that which we have never seen before.  Right now I am watching Eagle Cam of the Bald Eagle pair, First Lady and Mr. President, with their new hatchlings.  The eggs broken from the inside by the little ones, with an occasionally […]